• whereabouts_glazenhaus

    Lommel, Belgium
    March 27-September 4, 2016


    Participating Artists:
    Carina Cheung, Anthony Cioe, CUD, Christopher Duffy, Jes Fan, Keith Lemley, Edison Osorio Zapata, Yuka Otani, Dylan Palmer, John Roach, Trish Roan, Rui Sasaki, Michael Scheiner, Chad States, Hiromi Takizawa, Hillary Wiedemann, Zac Weinberg, Lika Volkova & Caroline Woolard, Benjamin Wright, Bohyun Yoon


    Contemporary glassmaking is an inherently dislocated practice. To work with glass is to associate oneself with a tradition that is no longer a relevant part of culture. In so doing, practitioners voluntarily subject themselves to a sense of alienation. Artists navigate the displacement of their craft in contemporary practice with processes that embrace unorthodox methodologies. The resulting work employs mechanisms of reconfiguration, disembodiment, and subversive misappropriation. Tradition and reverence for a material is balanced by approaches that are hybrid, other, and preternatural. These mutations function as microcosms of the discontinuity of our social fabric—oscillating between the familiar and alien.