• WeinbergZ_Thesis

    Dissecting the Visual and Non-Visual Attributes of Glasswork Submitted to an Annual Publication for Fun and Profit

    Zac Weinberg's 2015 Masters thesis systematically analyzes every work selected by the New Glass Review jury since 2001. Enlisting the help of the Statistics Counseling Service at The Ohio State Univer…

  • doreengarner

    Understanding the Perverse

    From Doreen Garner's 2014 MFA thesis from RISD, "In Understanding the Perverse, my span of work and abject references reveal pervasive classifications of desirability, abnormality, and cultural value …

  • placeholder

    Glass Performance, What Is That?

    Riikka Haapasaari's Masters 2013 dissertation examines glass performance, its history, and possible future. Through an introduction to how the interest in this field has grown, its relationship to the…

  • potter

    Between [Self and Other]

    Charlotte Potter's work explores the space between self and other. Her artist statement reads, "Where is the break between my self and the rest of the world? My investigation begins with defining self…

  • particle_activism

    Particle Activism: MFA Thesis by Anjali Srinivasan

    From the abstract of Anjali Srinivasan's MFA thesis: "Particle Activism comprises investigations into the transformation of three materials- turmeric, Puffy Glass and the mirror shards of the Sheesh M…

  • salstrom_in_an_instant_thesis

    In An Instant: An Absurdist’s Journey

    Sean Salstrom's 2006 MFA thesis takes us for a journey through the absurd and hopeful. Superman, helium balloons, and flying fish come together in his whimsical practice. Download/View pdf