The Hyperopia Projects Archives is an aggregation of critically-engaged writings, activity, and resources in the field of glass. This compilation reflects the field as it is evolving today by lending a critical mass of exposure and interconnectedness to otherwise orphaned work.

  • Between [Self and Other]

    potterCharlotte Potter’s work explores the space between self and other. Her artist statement reads, “Where is the break between my self and the rest of the world? My investigation begins with defining self through rigorous examination and comparison. My work discusses “the other” in terms of another person. However my inquiry has also led me to consider the space between action, words or meaning. I desire to articulate and name, the liminal space between. This elaborate strategy of probing involves constantly struggling with the boundaries of separation and defining the differentiated or undifferentiated space between. It seems that there is an undiscovered intimate tie between us in this world that we share. In my works I attempt to make these connections visible through apparatus, interventions, installations and collaborations.” Read her 2010 MFA thesis:

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