The Hyperopia Projects Archives is an aggregation of critically-engaged writings, activity, and resources in the field of glass. This compilation reflects the field as it is evolving today by lending a critical mass of exposure and interconnectedness to otherwise orphaned work.

  • (Glass)phantasmogoria

    glassphantasmagoria(Glass)phantasmogoria was an exhibition curated by Jack Wax in 2012 at Gallery A in Richmond, VA. From Wax’s catalog essay, “These artists reaffirm their commitment to the barely-visible, and to the anti-heroic, they tap us lightly on the shoulder and do more than whisper, ‘did you see that?’ That, in itself, proves their keen capacity for the ingenius.” Artists include: Sarah Mizer, Kazue Taguchi, Jack Wax, Megan Biddle, Joe Grant, Nanda Soderberg, Fumiaki Odajimi, Hiromi Takizawa, and Sayaka Suziki.

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