The Hyperopia Projects Archives is an aggregation of critically-engaged writings, activity, and resources in the field of glass. This compilation reflects the field as it is evolving today by lending a critical mass of exposure and interconnectedness to otherwise orphaned work.

  • Particle Activism: MFA Thesis by Anjali Srinivasan

    particle_activismFrom the abstract of Anjali Srinivasan’s MFA thesis: “Particle Activism comprises investigations into the transformation of three materials- turmeric, Puffy Glass and the mirror shards of the Sheesh Mahal. Using the metaphor of dust to organize investigations, this document outlines projects in which each of these materials is carried from its respective threshold – of minuteness and consequent invisibility , non-existence or obsolescence – to a spaciousness of potential and possibility. Particle Activism speculates on what sustains the prolific indeterminacy that characterizes dust or particulate matter. This information is gathered through material-based explorations and manifests in transitory objects. The presented body of work offers my vision of not what is but what can be.”

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