The Hyperopia Projects Archives is an aggregation of critically-engaged writings, activity, and resources in the field of glass. This compilation reflects the field as it is evolving today by lending a critical mass of exposure and interconnectedness to otherwise orphaned work.

  • The Robert M. Minkoff Symposium Academic Symposium

    minkoffIn December of 2013, Urban Glass hosted The Robert M. Minkoff Academic Symposium: Issues in Glass Pedagogy. “With presenters coming from as far away as Australia, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, as well as from the top academic programs and non-degree-granting institutions in the U.S., the attendance reached 100 department heads, faculty members, administrators, and instructors—not to mention a small but vocal group of students.” An archive of audio files from the 3-day conference is hosted on the Robert M. Minkoff Foundation website. Hear from presenters including: Jack Wax, Ruth King, Dawson Kellogg, Koen Vanderstukken, Michael Rogers, Richard Whiteley, and many more.

    Robert M. Minkoff Academic Symposium Audio Files