The Hyperopia Projects Archives is an aggregation of critically-engaged writings, activity, and resources in the field of glass. This compilation reflects the field as it is evolving today by lending a critical mass of exposure and interconnectedness to otherwise orphaned work.

  • Understanding the Perverse

    doreengarnerFrom Doreen Garner’s 2014 MFA thesis from RISD, “In Understanding the Perverse, my span of work and abject references reveal pervasive classifications of desirability, abnormality, and cultural value within society. Elements of rap culture, feminism, visceral matter, anatomy, fetish, pathology, race, painting history, and contemporary art merge together within my personal narrative. Through sculpture, video and performance, my juxtapositions and gaze challenge standards of beauty, objectification and voyeurism. Perversion, Penetration, Preservation and Presentation link these themes together into chapters that flesh out my thought process. This text will guide you through performance-based social experiments, dissections of identity in flesh, glass, digital material, and conceptual considerations completed during my Graduate career.”

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